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Blog #4

As I parked across the street from LACMA, I saw a group of food trucks and immediately grew hungry. Walking around LACMA I had this empty feeling in my stomach and all I could think about was food as I took snapshots of different objects in and around the museum. The First object was a tree just inside a green bar fence along Wilshire Blvd directly to the right of the main entrance to LACMA. I stood on a bench to get a good up close photo and backed away to get a few other photos. I walked along the path and kept staring at the food trucks until I entered a small dirt path into the Brea Tar Pits. There I found a few more objects to take pictures of but I constantly kept thinking of food. The first of the 2 objects I found was a thick metal donut on a pedestal and the other was a strange wavy blue metal net atop a blue pole. I walked across the fields of the Brea Tar Pits and took pictures at trees. As I walked across the fields of grass, people were sitting on blankets and eating snacks and I grew even hungrier. I hurried into the buildings of LACMA and took pictures of different objects like chairs, bookshelves, and light posts. I asked people passing by to take a picture of me and when I was finally satisfied with the number of pictures I had taken I ran across the street to the food trucks.

Blog #3

My alternate excursion choice was the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on a Saturday. I left my house around noon time and there was not much traffic on the way. It took me around half an hour to get there from my house. Parking was difficult to find for a short time but I was able to find a parking right across the street in a meter parking spot. While walking across the street I noticed several food trucks parked across the street serving many different types of food to pedestrians walking about. I made a note in my head to stop by on the way back to my car. I walked around the outside of LACMA and the Brea Tar Pits to see what types of objects I would like to take pictures of. After choosing a few objects I began to take pictures. First I took pictures of a tree right behind a tall gate with high metal green bars just to the right of the main entrance of the building along Wilshire Blvd. I had to stand on a bench to get a good close up of branches and leaves. I walked into the Brea Tar Pits and walked into a sort of courtyard near the buildings of LACMA. There were 2 more objects in this area that I took pictures of. The first being a metal thick object that seems to be on a pedestal, the other was a tall blue and colorful wave net thing that was so interesting to me. Lastly on my way back to the car I took pictures of the big group of white light poles. On my way back to the car I remembered to stop by the food trucks and get a snack before heading on home. The whole trip took me around an hour and a half.


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