Blog Post 4:

My trip to UC San Diego consisted of an outdoor tour of the Stuart Collection. This tour around university was interesting due to the fact that the artwork was outdoors rather than being inside a room.

As we walked with the tour guide we reached a forest that had many trees, which provided many different shadows and sunlight throughout the area. This piece caught my eye because I distinguished the fake trees right away from a distance. As I approached the trees I heard music, which at first I didn’t know where it came from but then I realized the fake trees were proving that music. I felt that this piece was designed with the purpose to allow people to enjoy the nature outdoors.

As the tour proceeded we encountered a guided pathway. This path way was made up of different colored stones that looked and felt like the scales of a snake. When I walked down it I felt as I was walking on top of a real snake because of the way it was constructed. The pathway was arched and was pretty steep. To me this piece of art represented how a real snake would feel because of the risky sense you get when your going down it.

The tour continued its way to another site and we came across a big structure. This structure consisted of eight different sized fragments put together to form a bear. This bear was probably my favorite piece because it was so simple and big that it made me wonder how it was put up together.

The Stuart Collection at UCSD lets you experience nature. The collection creates a whole new different environment by providing people with a space that isn’t school related within the school.


It was a Wednesday morning in which my partner and I woke up to a free complementary breakfast from the hotel we were staying at.  Then we headed towards UC San Diego. Once we got there it was a hassle to find parking but we managed to find a spot. As we met with our class a tour guide briefly introduced us to the Stuart Collection. Before we got there I imagined the Stuart Collection to be frames of art hanged in a room. The tour guide made us follow her towards the collection, I remember her saying,  “walk fast and keep up with me, I guarantee you I walk faster than most of your grandmothers”, once she said this I knew it was going to be a fun field trip. She walked us through various works of art that were located outdoors and blended with the campus. That’s when I realized anything could be art; it doesn’t necessarily have to be a framed painting. The piece that caught my eye was “Bear” by Tim Hawkinson. What my eye saw when we got near this piece was huge simple fragments of stone put together to make a bear. Everyone seemed to be amazed by the statue. While I was there I noticed that this statue brought back memories to me, it made me feel like I was a kid again and I had a big teddy bear around. What I enjoyed about this piece of art was that it wasn’t blocked by any boundary; this made it possible to interact with it. Overall the San Diego Field trip was a great experience because it took us out of the classroom and let us roam around the outdoors.


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