Border Field State Park


Blog Post # 4: Themed.

At the Border Field State Park and Tijuana River National Estuarine a person can experience many thoughts, feelings and emotions.

A person can feel not welcome since there are Border Patrol helicopters circling around the area. At times there are four helicopters flying at the same time and can get very noisy. The surveillance of the Border Patrol can also feel uncomfortable since they are circling the area by land in their automobiles and motorcycles. Besides the obvious presence of the Border Patrol a person can also feel watched by the cameras and sensors they have hidden. Also a person can feel calm and relax. They can feel this because they can be walking and enjoying the landscape. The landscape consists of the texture sand with shrubs that bloom a purple flower in late winter. In the background you can see the hills of Tijuana along with some buildings and hear the waves of the ocean crashing. Another scene at the State Park that a person can enjoy is at the beach. A person can sit and enjoy a picnic day hearing the sound of the waves crashing and if they are lucky enough a spectacular sunset. A person can also feel tired from all the walking from the parking lot to the beach. Although most of the pathway is paved or is hard packed dirt it is quite long. It is roughly 5,500 feet to reach the beach from the parking lot. From the point a person reaches the beach to the actual border fence is another 2,750 feet, roughly. Also the texture of the beach can make a person get tired faster and harder to walk on.

In the end the whole experience is unique. There are very few places on earth that you can experience this since there are not that many borders like the one from United States and Mexico. Makes a person think of how the landscape and atmosphere is changed by just having a fence separating two countries.

Blog Post # 3: Chronological

In the San Diego field trip one of the days we had to meet at the Border Field State Park and Tijuana River National Estuarine. The day was a nice sunny day with some partial clouds since it had rained a couple of days ago. Once we arrived to the State Park we waited for more students to arrive since it was hard to find. Around eleven in the morning a park ranger came up to meet with us and give us some instructions. He also told us what to look out for. For example, he mentioned to us that the Tijuana River runs through the State Park and that is where Tijuana dumps their sewage. He told us to think where the mud comes from because some of it might be contaminated. He told us where to walk to and where to turn. We walked for about ten minutes and I took the picture above. In the picture you can appreciate the landscape the State Park has. You can see shrubs and ground cover in mix with the beach sand. In the distant you can see the Tijuana hills as well as some structures across the border. We continued to walk for about another twenty minutes and we reached to the beach. The sound of the waves crashing and just taking in the moment was relaxing. After we waited for about ten minutes we turned left towards the border fence. In the distance you could start to distinguish two fences. The first fence is shorter and looked not finish. The second fence was higher and looked more durable that went into the ocean. Once we were about ten feet away from the fence the border patrol came up to us and told us we could not touch or get near the bigger fence. As I was looking at the landscape next to the fence I felt that it was disrupting or crashing the beautiful landscape.


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