California Plaza

California Plaza Water Court in Los Angeles
Picture by EGR PhoVid Productions  


It was a beautiful Sunday morning. The weather was excellent to be outdoors. I headed my journey towards Downtown Los Angeles. I was excited to visit California Plaza Water Court for the second time. As I was driving all I could think about was how much fun I was about to encounter. Once I arrived I found nearby parking, which made me thrilled. Excited to do some photography, I almost forgot my sketchbook, where I would later do some sketching. The first thing I noticed was the annual cyclamen color flowers. Vibrant red or white flowers made it feel very romantic. This is probably why many couples take pictures at this location. The planters being in the middle of the waterfall is a very special design. It really made me look from the beginning of the waterfall towards the end. Following the entire waterfall,I found out that the tiles have water flowing under. The stage structure was also fascinating, with over-hanging spot lights. The stage faces the waterfall, so the audience can have a wonderful experience. This made me realize that I was envisioning the experience before it even happened. Studying to be a landscape architect I could understand that the use of space was well thought out. Everything at the Water Court has a reason for being where it is. From the fountain, the landscape, the stage structure, the seating area and the amenities. Because of the well thought out design, my experience was extraordinary. I can’t even start-off to imagine what my experience could be like the day of a special event. Because of this I started making a quick sketch, and I was able to see the amount of detail the architecture design had. The landscape design complements the architectural design very well. My participation was different, from the first time I had been at the Water Court in Los Angeles. The experience makes me wan’t to visit California Plaza Water Court in Los Angeles again; and I will revisit this location soon.


Would you like to know an exciting place to visit? The California Plaza Water Court is a great place to have an interesting experience; and an exciting evening as well. The vivid colors will set the mood, for you to be relaxed. Eye catching plants like; annual Cyclamen color flowers in the middle of the water. The red and white Cyclamen’s in the middle of the waterfall make it romantic. The Lyons pine hedge that runs along the fence plays well with the water fall. It is world class, which makes it very classy and elegant. The public is rapidly drawn to this location, when there are events. Performances are made under the lighting structure with theater lighting. Interestingly the water area is also used as a stage. The entire area is used in several different ways, making it a multi-structure. There is also a fascinating light show with the water fall. This location was very well designed since there is a nice view in all 180 degrees. A person can be sitting on a chair, on concrete, on a balcony, or standing; and the view is amazing. The amenities at the California Plaza Water Court are perfect. They have food and drinks at this location, which makes it very accommodating. This was a very well planned out structure by the architects. It took ten years to build and cost 1.2 billion dollars. The two towers make the 1.5 acre area very pleasant. This is a location for any age group which makes it extra special. The design is worth admiring and have an amazing time. This location will definitely take the stress out of any person. Definitely and multi use design since it can be used for entertainment or relaxing. A great idea would be to search for performing events.


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