Grand Park LA: The Park For Everyone


Blog #4

Life can become quite hectic at times. People living in the city often are bombarded with copious amounts of stress. At times people need to seek seclusion to get away from it all. Within the urban landscape of Downtown Los Angeles, sits the grandeur of Grand Park. Grand Park highlights itself among the towering infrastructures around it. It is a place of lush greenery, peaceful sounds, serene sites, and quiet enclosure.

As one takes the long stroll down Grand Park’s pathways, you escape and get lost in your own thoughts, you are able to think. As the Los Angeles traffic congests all around you, you are confined the open spaces green grass and tall palm trees. You take in the sites of beautiful flowers blooming and the vibrant pink furniture. You tend to forget about the world at the moment and everything just seems to become so calm.

You find yourself in the midst of actual life and the freshness of the outdoors. You see people frolicking in the lush grass, talking of things besides work or school, relaxing amongst the shades of palm trees. As the human interaction carries on, your ears tend to wonder; the sound of running water. The magnificent Grand Park water feature takes your breath away. The sounds of water remind you of real life and that you are, at this moment, living and breathing. The spouts of water shooting out and landing leaves you with refreshing water droplets and mist embracing your skin as the sun beams down.

The park in its entirety can be therapeutic to the mind, body, and spirit. Grand Park placed within the pocket of Los Angeles urban environment provides a paradise for those who are truly in need of it.

Blog #3

My visit to the newly opened Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles was spent experiencing the entirety of the park. Initially, I had come across the park still under construction, so I was compelled to come back on a brighter day to embrace the new public space.

When I first set foot at the park bottom of the park, what overwhelmed me the most was the immense size of the park. Grand Park, from my vantage point, just seemed to extend well over 400 yards with the enclosure of the urban environment around it. I then started to venture forth down its newly paved walkways. What really stood out was the abundance of greenery, the grass, the palm trees, the shrubs, the flowers, everything was fresh. As I took the stroll I couldn’t help but notice how vibrant all the park furnishings were because they were doused in flamingo pink, allowing for high contrast against the greenery.

I continued along onto the second level of the park where it the true essence and vibe of a public space really showed. It was nothing but lively in this area, people were relaxing on the pink furniture, lying on the grass, eating at the café, just spending a great time outside. The best feature of Grand Park was when I stumbled upon the magnificent water fountains. It was refreshing to hear the sound of water. I spent most my time snapping pictures at all different angles of the fountains, trying to take it all in.

I was incredible to see a more peaceful setting as grandeur as Grand Park set aside from all the hustle and bustle of city life. I eventually summited the park, where at that moment; I braced myself for a breathtaking view of Grand Park and the surrounding Downtown Los Angeles urban landscape.


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