Griffith Park


Post # 4

My visit to Griffith Park was concentrated on a dirt path on the south-west entrance.  The presence of more natural wildlife features gave a district feel to the park in comparison to the rest of it. For moments it did not feel like you were in Los Angeles, but somewhere more natural and deserted.

The climb to the top of the hill was more challenging than I thought, due of the steepness and the loose rocks that covered the path. I was expecting a more typical park, like those you see in your neighborhood, and not a complete hike. The land around me had an appearance of a chaparral, where most of the plants were shrub like, cacti, and oak trees. Being one of the few warm days of winter, there were many critters out, like birds, lizards and bugs catching the sun. As I reached the top of the first hill, there was a bench that caught my eye. Being the only human made object on the trail, I knew it was placed there purposely. As I approached it, I saw that it was placed high enough that you could see right through the opening in the trees and into the distance, where the city lay covered in a thick layer of smog. As depressing it was to see so much pollutants in the air, it had its own beauty to it. As I continued further up the hill, the dirt path turned into bark /mulch that transitioned to a more public area where picnic benches were placed under a canopy of pine trees. Here I joined more people who were sitting down and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

By taking the more natural path through Griffith Park, it allowed me to enjoy more of the landscape surrounding me. I could see more of the natural environment and what it would have looked before our western influence.


Post # 3

During the week of the field trip, I visited Griffith Park in Los Angeles. I arrived at the South-West entrance of the park around 11 am. Being a Wednesday, the park was very empty, this allowed a more peaceful and relaxed experience. The weather was in the mid 70’s giving me the chance comfortably enjoy in the beauty of my surroundings and appreciate my climb up the steep hill. As I reached the top of the hill a set of wonderful views awaited me.  To my right, I could see Los Angeles area covered by a gray layer of smog, emphasizing one of the city’s characteristics. Never the less, it was a moment to soak in the wonderful view of the metropolis. As the day progressed, the temperature rose, and I found a cool picnic area under the pines where I decided to rest and photograph an old Valve like fire hydrant. This object caught my eye because of its location on the side of the hill, with nothing surrounding it. I then proceeded up a dirt road that wrapped around a hill that overlooked into the north-east of the Park and into the San Gabriel Valley. Looking across the valley, I could barely make out the white topped mountains, due to the thickness of the smog. I then turned around and headed back down the road towards a construction area that blocked one of the entrances to the park, diverting into a trail that led me back to my car. Unfamiliar to Southern California, this trip to Griffith Park offered an opportunity to explore the new surroundings I now call home.


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