Los Angeles County Museum of Art

On the fourth week, we were invited to go with our peers to visit and study San Diego. I was unable to attend, so I went to class and took my exam. Later after I got home, I went on to my desktop find an alternative place to work on my project for my Landscape architecture class.  As I check the blackboard, I have noticed the announcement posted one week ago. It contained the alternative sites for the students that are not able to go to the field trip, then I noticed LACMA which is a placed that I have not been to. I immediately ask my significant other to accompany me. As time passes by, I noticed that I was running out of time for the Museum was closing in 3 hours. It will take 45 minutes to arrive on my site.  After I searched direction, We went on the car and head to Los Angeles. After a few moments, on the car, we encounter a navigating problem. It seemed like we were lost. I contacted my friend who was familiar with the place and got back on road. Within minutes, we arrived at the Museum. Considering that we only had less than two hours left before the museum closes, we rushed inside and took the elevator up. As it opened I noticed a large amount of space that surround the cafeteria. I looked around and I faced south and saw a large an interesting sight. It was the Contemporary Museum. Before I started taking pictures for my project, We decided to visit the third floor and investigate the place. Inside, there was real size photos of a man standing next to a huge rock. It was Interesting the way they printed the real size photos. The feeling of being able to feel what is like to be on the same location of the where the photograph was taken is strange. After a brief moment, I decided to find my location and took photographs for my next project. Then, we came across this underpass that has a large rock elevated with two supporting triangular shape on each side to hold the rock in place. The massive rock’s elevation on the ground just reminded me of the photograph inside the contemporary museum. The rock was unnatural because it was not all the time you see the bottom of a big chunk of rock. As time passes by, when the doors are closing. I felt that it was the time for us to go home. But, it was up until I found those lamp post that also caught my attention. It was a plane lined with multiple lamp post. So, I took a few more pictures and finally went home.



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