Ronald Reagan Library


When I first heard about the trip I thought it would be fun and great to be able to go some places that I have not been before. But unfortunately I could not go because some I could not miss two of my classes. After I found that out I started looking for places that I could go to close to home. Then I thought about the Ronald Reagan Library because it is in my home town and the last time I was there was when I was a kid. When I got there it was a beautiful day with no clouds in the sky and on the warm side. I started thinking there could be no better day than today to be here and just have a view over everything around because it is on top a ridge with nothing blocking the view. I also went into the museum part and got to see a lot of great things like air force one and marine one in one part and got to walk through and see many moments in history. Moving from exhibit to exhibit I got to see things that I never got to. I moved from room to room and from view to view seeing trying to get the most out of being there. As I moved through the library I felt at peace by just having the time to go through at my own pace. I eventually made it out to the back garden that is designed like one of the gardens at the White house. I walked out to the edge and just looked out and saw so much and it was so quite and peaceful out in the back.


Blog Post #3:


For my figure ground study I chose to go to the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley. I got up to start my day at 9 A.M. and left shortly after. I got there about 9:30 and the Library had just been open for a little while. The first thing I did was look around and spent what I thought would be the most time in the gardens instead of in the library.

The gardens were very interesting because they had many plants that had been there for a few years and some that were just planted no to long ago. While walking around there were many great views to look at because the Library sits on top of a mountain and looks over everything. While looking at the views I came across a peace of a wall just sitting in the garden when I looked at the sign in front of the wall it said that this was a peace of the Berlin wall. It was really interesting to see the wall but it did not look as tall as I thought it would be.

At about 10:30 I went inside the Library and was amazed by how big and how many things were in there. I walked through feeling I was part of the history that was being shown and talked about inside. It felt like I was in a place that was never ending moving from room to room and from exhibit to exhibit and could not even begin to describe all that I saw while in there. At one point I thought I had gotten to the end and then I noticed that I was only half way done. I was finally done about 1:30 P.M.

Even though I spent most of my time in the Library part, I found that I enjoyed being out in the gardens the most because it really felt it was a really nice day out and the gardens looks so nice.

Blog Post #4


I chose The Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley for my figure ground study. Where I spent a lot of time in the gardens but also a lot of time in the Library as well.

In the gardens there were really not that many people. Which I think made it nicer because it made outside very quite which allowed me to really enjoy them. The gardens were interesting because one of them was designed like a rose garden at the white house which I found really neat because I would have never seen something like that in person besides at the Library. Because it was not busy I got to look at every with out people getting in the way. It really made me look and see how the landscape was laid out in such away that made me want to walk through so I could see more and more of the gardens.

I also went into the Library part and there were a lot more people inside. There were families, different groups of people and there were also the tour groups. I noticed there were not as many tour groups as there were just individuals walking around and just guiding themselves and taking there time looking at things. The Library was set up to walk in a ¬†chronological kind of order that worked from Reagan’s early years all the way up to his death. Some people spent more time in certain areas than others but there were people scattered all through out the entire Library.


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