San Diego Museum of Art

Dancer Fastening the Strings of Her Tights (ca. 1885-1890) by Edgar Degas

Blog #4

The San Diego Museum of Art was a completely different experience I have had when I visit museums.  It was quite small compared to the Getty Center Los Angeles.  Though it was a small museum, it still had its unique qualities.

There were only two floors to the entire museum, so I started off on the first floor which was mainly art from non-western countries, or non-European artworks.  What caught my eye the most of this entire floor was the East Asian art.  There were beautiful painted scrolls that run up the height of the wall that it was hung on.  The scrolls and the statues made the atmosphere in this exhibit made calming and soothing, especially with the ancient folk music playing in the background.

The second floor was completely European art.  I browsed through this half of the museum quickly because the museum was about to close soon.  As I was making my way through the exhibit hall, I recognized the style and works of impressionist Edgar Degas, one of my favorite artists.  I hardly see any of his works displayed, so it was quite a delight to be able to stumble upon his work at such a small museum.

I made way back to the first floor to see one last exhibit which was their special-temporary exhibit, which featured more modern works and works from American artists.  It was a different experience to see these works.  Some works played with light and shadows, and some were a bit questionable.  It is interesting to see how the artists use different mediums.  Some used video, and some with sound.  This final exhibit was a completely different experience then the “standard” exhibit.

Though small in size, the San Diego Museum of art was a unique experience.  It had its own charm to it.  It was not busy so it was nice to look at all the artworks without having someone hovering behind you to take a look as well.  And it was quiet throughout the museum to let your mind take in all it is seeing.


Blog #3

Waking up early like any other day, but today was different.  Today I was going to head down to San Diego for the first time in a few years.  Above all else, it was my first time going to Balboa Park.  The morning started out just the same, waking up before anyone else to get ready.  I volunteered to drop off my brother that day for his classes.  I grabbed some breakfast afterwards and made my way to my boyfriend’s house while I wait for a fellow classmate to pick me up to head down to San Diego.  As soon as I was picked up by my fellow classmate, we were off to San Diego.  I was looking forward to going to the San Diego Museum of Art.  It was a bit of a long drive, but no traffic.  We arrived at Balboa Park just before noon.  Being that it was both our first time here, we were a bit lost as to where to park.  After parking we walked around the entire park, looking for places to take photographs for our assignment.  The gardens were beautiful and unique in their own way.  It was quite busy for a Monday, and there were younger school kids there for their field trip.  We spent a few hours roaming around, taking pictures or retaking pictures after figuring out it wasn’t to our personal standards.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat then made our way to the San Diego Museum of Art.  Being a big art fan, I was extremely excited, yet just a bit disappointed.  It was a much smaller museum compared to the ones I simply love, like the LA Getty or the Getty Villa, but it was still amazing all the same.  There were a great variety of style periods throughout the museum, but there was one artist in particular that I always admire, and it was a piece by Edgar Degas, a French Impressionist painter, famous for his ballerina artwork.  There was not that many of his pieces, but it was still a delight to see his work.  I stood there looking at his different pieces for quite some time.  At the end of our trip, though we spent most of our time walking around Balboa Park, it was worth the trip.  Getting to experience a new place and get inspired by not only the landscape and the gardens, but also by the other forms of art and design.


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