Snake Path, UCSD


During one of our visits on the field trip, we arrived at UCSD. We toured the campus looking at various pieces of the Stuart Collection. Some of the pieces were easy to find while others not so much, however each one was unique. Around mid afternoon when our tour was over, I decided to meet up with a friend that lived on campus. While waiting for them to get out of class, I decided to walk around and sketch various pieces of the Stuart Collection. The first piece I sketched was named Bear, by Tim Hawkinson. It was created by placing boulders in certain positions making the end result resemble that of a stuffed teddy bear. After I was done and realizing I still had time to kill, I walked around some more to find another place to sketch. Recalling an area in my head, I headed towards the Snake Path, which was another piece of the Stuart Collection by Alexis Smith. I sat on the path and enjoyed the view for a bit, then got to work. Around thirty minutes later I finished my sketch, and thought to myself, “What was so interesting about what I just sketched?” Looking back at the picture, I think it was because of the large open space the area provided with the tall buildings next to it, combined with the close up of various plants along the Snake Path. Also, the picture included the work of Do Ho Suh’s Fallen Star, which I thought was really creative. Knowing that he was homesick, the house on top of the building in my mind symbolizes his home away from home, and for others who might feel the same way. After pondering to myself for a bit, my friend called me up and we walked to the beach talking about all the new and interesting things I learned that day.


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