The Getty Villa Peristyle

set2.3Blog Post #4

As you drive through the security gate, your eyes begin to wander along the driveway and you begin to notice the beautiful landscape. The path winds around small trees and as you continue towards the parking structure, you become more immersed the landscaped that was well designed to create an simplistic flow of the plants. But as you look more closely at particular areas, you can notice that the layout and control of the shrubs and flowering trees is the contrary of simplicity.                                      After parking the car and entering the elevator, I was filled with the anticipation. As the elevator doors open to the entry pavilion, my eyes could not help but open wide to attempt to capture the scenery as much as I could. One one side, you can see a couple of hills frame a crystal clear view of the ocean. To the other side, you see the rolling hills surround the Getty Villa. The pavilion overlooks the entrance of the museum and you can see the layout of the driveway and variety of trees and blossoming shrubs winding throughout it. As I would want down the entryway towards the museum entrance, I begin to analyze the flow of small shrubs and trees that guide the path and fill the open space to create a natural feeling.                                                                                                                                                          After walking through the path to the museum and flowing through the herbs garden, I found myself in a place unlike I have ever been. The outer peristyle had an ideal balance between the architectural design and the landscape design. The landscape complimented the space and the structures in a way that it almost seemed effortless. Of course there must have been a massive amount of effort since all the shrubs and trees were pruned and sheered to create a refined look. As I walked to the center of the peristyle, I looked across the flowing fountain and I can see through the columns to the ocean. It aligned with the view to suggest an idea that the entire garden was designed and placed in a particular way to frame the ocean view of the museum.                                                                                               Blog Post #3 

The opportunity to explore and analyze a public area with a more educated insight on landscape design would be well spent at the Getty Villa in Malibu. I knew that the intention of the visit was to complete the assignment, however, I did not know that I would spend majority of the time wandering through the gardens and sharing my excitement with my friend rather than observing the museum collections.                                                                                                                                                              Although we had made a turn too soon and ended up go on a tangent adventure through the neighborhood cliffs, we arrived at the beautiful entrance of the Getty Villa fifteen minutes early. I have always wanted to go to the Getty Villa but never did, so this opportunity was at a fortunate timing. From the moment I pulled forward from the entrance gate, I was in a constant awe. It was like a child in a candy store, my eyes were wide and I had a smile from cheek to cheek. The landscape flowed as if it was recreated from one of my dreams.                                                                                                                   As the parking structure’s elevator doors opened onto the entry pavilion, I could see view of the villa overlooking the bright blue ocean and rolling hills of the landscape wrapped around it. The walkways twined through the landscape until wound up at the outer peristyle. The surrounding columns were lined up in a way that created an illusion of an ongoing pattern. As for the garden and fountain pool itself, they were designed better than I could ever imagine. In that moment, I knew with every fiber in my being that I wanted to make others feel how I felt by designing their own pieces of nirvana. The way the shrubs and trees were shaped to create a paradise was inspiring. The landscape was controlled perfectly to make it look like it was effortless and natural.


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