The Little Blue House


This experience occurred during the second day of our San Diego field trip at the University of California, during the presentation of the Stuart Collection. It all started when I received a small 3” x 8” brochure of the Stuart Collection. There it was on the front cover, a picture of a “small blue house” on top of a school building sitting at a peculiar angle. At first I did not care so much for this piece. But after seeing a couple of the other art pieces my interest to see this house grew more and more. It was a nice sunny day, with a great cool ocean breeze coming from the west. We walked and walked up to the highest elevation area of the school campus when suddenly I heard a rumbling noise in the sky. Immediately I started looking for what seemed to be a fighter jet. I had never heard a noise of a military aircraft that close before. I continued looking for the plane but never saw it; however, I did find something else, the “Little Blue House”. At that moment I remember asking our tour presenter if we where going to be allowed inside the house? “Yes we will,” I recall her saying. As we walked around the school campus we got closer and closer to the blue house, until we reached the engineering building. There at the top of the 7th story building stood a little blue house. Finally! The moment that I had been waiting for was about to begin. As we walked out of the elevator there it was, at the corner of the top of the seventh floor an angle sided “Little Blue House” surrounded by a wonderful garden. Not only was the house real, but also I was going to be able to experience its insides. It was like my mind kept telling my body to level up, but that was never going to happen because the floor and everything inside the house was sitting on an angle, with all the objects inside the house where built to ¾th scale. The walls also played with my mind because at one side it seemed like I was a giant and at the other a total midget. Even after I walked out my mind seemed unleveled, like it was still trying to process what I had just experienced. This experience is something I will never forget.

Post #4

City of San Diego, a great destination for a vacation. “A field trip there”that would be  awesome. A visit to UCSD for an art collection. “The Stuart collection”??? Who’s Stuart? Does not sound too fun. Art galleries involved walking and long explanations. Blah blah blah for two or three hours, waking up early for it. Are all bad ingredients for this UCSD visit.

Early morning, there I stood waiting for the tour to begin. A nice sunny day with clear sky. Perfect weather. Would love to be sleeping right now. A Stuart pamphlet. Oh no, another one of these Pamphlet’s. Can we start already? Let me look at this pamphlet before I put it away. Wait!!!!!! What’s this? A house on top of a building. Turn to Page 17. Fallen start. Wow this is amazing.

Let’s start this tour. I want to see this house. Come on. What are we waiting for? First piece a marble water fountain. Not very interested. More walking up and down the hill. I’m tired. More explanations. More walking. When are we going to the “fallen Star” piece?Look everyone; what is that up on top of that building someone said. What? where I ask? Could it be? “The Little blue house” yes finally. Lets hurry and check it out.

We took the elevator to the 7th floor and there it was. A little blue house little the one from wizard of oz. Walked in through a smaller than average door. Stood inside the floor had a weird angle. Immediately my body started trying to level my body. That feeling of falling down invaded me. This fells like home. But this feeling of falling down is making me drowsy. Let me get out. Wow this house is amazing. It’s a great design. This probably took a while to build. Am so happy I came to this UCSD visit. Art collections are not as bad as I thought.


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