Thornton Park Written Blog

Blog #4
Thornton Park in Santa Ana, Ca., is a great place to hang out if you are looking for nature and some time to enjoy a days out. As one drives from Segerstrom Avenue and enters this park, one can see the lake right away. The lake is really nice and the good part is that you can fish in it. The lake had a lot of ducks around it as well. When the ducks are swimming it gives it a different view.You can see all of them moving around and some of the stuck their heads and parts of their bodies inside the water to find food as well. So it really shows nature in a lot of ways. If you are interested in watching some birds as well, this is the place for you too.There are several trees surrounding the lake and the playground as well and others scattered around that have some benches underneath to watch this little winged creatures and rest as well. I decided to sit by a rock around the lake and closed by a small stream that it has too, the sound the water makes by hitting the rocks going down is pretty calm and it makes one feel as if I was away from the city, with some birds chipping it was even more calm and enjoyable. It even has a playground for the little ones if they don’t want to sit around or lay down in the grass. Only downside is that you have to watch out for the duck’s reside left behind, but other than that its a great park to enjoy nature to its fullest, in mi opinion of course.

Blog #3
On a Sunday morning, I decided to wake up a little late, at around 8:30 a.m. was up and ready to decide where to go in a beautiful sunny day. I sent a text to my girlfriend and ask her If she wanted to go to a park. After she replied, the only question, that remain in my mind was, “which park are we supposed to go now. After some time of thinking and after taking a shower I decide to go to Thornton Park, because it is closed to my house and it has a really nice lake and little stream to enjoy some nature time. I went and picked up my girlfriend at 10:00 a.m., and drove approximately 20 to 30 minutes to her house, first we had o get something to eat, since neither of us hadn’t had any breakfast. So at around 10:45 a.m. we went to a closed by Denny’s and enjoyed a breakfast together for around 40 minutes or so. After that we went to the park and drove for another 20 to 30 min., the traffic wasn’t that bad since it was Sunday. We arrived at around 11:40 a.m. or so, and stayed there for around 2 hours enjoying some time together looking into the lake and the ducks passing by enjoying the day as well. I got up and started to take some pictures at all things and objects that caught my attention, mostly the lake and small creek. It was beautiful scenery, all around, sunny day and comfortable weather. A lot of shade from trees and a lot of grass to enjoy the sun if one wanted to. There were several families on the grass and others playing with their kids. After all it was a nice day to enjoy in nature and with company.


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