Blog #3: My Experience at Griffith Park


For the alternate excursion, I decided to go to Griffith Park.

I first exited the freeway at the sign that said Griffith Park, and so I assumed that it was the name of the city of which it was located in, and believed that I would have to drive some more before I actually entered the park. However, it was not until later that I realized that I was in the park the moment I had exited the freeway; I was astonished that a park had its own entrance and exit into and out of the freeway.

As I drove, the sights felt so natural yet man-made and altered; it seemed as if there were different islands separated by paths and roads to different destinations, not knowing where to stop or begin the exploration.

I decided to begin my exploration at the Merry-Go-Round. The rustic, dull, faded out colors of the Merry-Go-Round strangely matched the serene surrounding of natural greens around it. It was as if it was meant to be there, as if over time, it had finally assimilated with the park, blending in and aging with the natural, ever growing foliage and landscape of the park.

Later, I noticed these weird, out-of-place pipe-like structures that seemed odd and crass, as if they had interrupted the natural sights. As I walked farther and noticed a bridge-like structure, it seemed as if a picture was unfolding right before my eyes. The structures belonged, and it was as if the scenery and foliage complimented the artificial structures.

After a while, I noticed this one particular tree and could not keep my eyes off of it. It was as if it was an artificial yet entirely natural creation. It seemed as if it was the perfect seat or bench. It felt surreal.


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