Green Line Station Experience


Blog #4 The location of my alternate field trip was at the Greenline Station on Imperial and Avalon. I first sat down just to take in my surroundings. My initial reaction was a sensation of enclosement of urban. I am surrounded by concrete from every corner. From the paved street and sidewalks, sitting area, and elevated freeway system. Next i noticed the softscape also enclosed by the urban concrete setting. A group of palms are in a large concrete bedding island. Behind me are also some shrubs enclosed by concrete edge as shown in the picture. To me the plants and greenery hardly soften the environment, but slightly contrasted the hardscape to make the hardscape more strong and firm. Next I took notice of the use of the public space. The station is alive with access for transportation. There is a medium sized parking lot full of sedans. Above is the metro Greenline and on the ground level are stops for various buses. Thinking about access made me realize the significance of this small lot where people from around the world may take bus to bus and reach destinations miles upon miles away through public transportation.

Blog# 3 An experience of my alternate field trip was waiting for the “G” bus to take to Los Angeles Airport. The location is the Greenline station on the corner of Imperial Ave and Aviation Blvd. Noticeable public transportation include the Greenline Train, Culver City buses, Metro buses, Gardena buses, LAX shuttles, and others. I have always been interested in the architecture and design off these interconnecting freeways. Above the station is the greenline train and in the background is the 405 and 105 freeway. I find it very interesting how the freeways were designed to merge and separate in this area. The view from the street level is very unique since the freeways are situated above to not conflict with the regular street traffic. The placement of the columns must have been carefully planned as to also not conflict with the ground level traffic. The prescense of these concrete structures made me feel I was in the heart of Los Angeles and in the infamous urban environment. The background showed the use of cars while at the greenline station there is a vibrant public transportation environment. Although the greenline is used by the public, the parking lot is also full of cars. My experience investigating this area while waiting for the bus made me think about the importance of transportation public and private. Especially in LA’s highly dense population and urban environment we are highly affected by the design in the ways we move about.


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