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Post #4

I went to University of California, Irvine in replacement of the field trip. I took many pictures on my tour around the school. I took pictures of many trees, buildings, small structures, and social spots.  The pictures are taken on an ipad so they are not in the best quality.

I walk towards the student center and that is when I get my first glimpse of Aldrich Park. I start to walk towards it and I see that is is full of nature. The trees are very tall and full, creating plenty of shade, and green grass as the floor. It is a nice break from the concrete surroundings from the buildings of the school. A nice big open area where you are free to move around as you like.

I spot a trail on the floor, it is a tan type of dirt. I follow it  and it leads to multiple locations. These locations are the buildings surrounding Aldrich Park or to pathways outside the park. I proceed to follow a few of the trails and I see that they all connect towards the center.

Walking through the park I walk to a wall, not a physical wall but a wall where the shade meets the sunlight. I see a big open field with nothing but grass beneath your feet and nothing else. Surprisingly there was people sitting on the grass in the sunlight. This field looks perfect for big events such as a class graduation ceremony.

Now, it’s time for the difficult part, taking a picture to capture all its essence. It was not easy because I did not know my way around this school so all my pictures were not good. I was not until I thought of taking  at higher ground. I walk up four stories of stairs and finally reach a good height to capture a decent picture of Aldrich Park.

Post #3 Revised

It was about noon when I went to University of California Irvine. I was touring the campus for a good hour taking pictures. I get to an open space and take pictures of interesting spaces for another hour. I took around one hundred pictures in that time. As I keep walking I notice that I had just walked in a circle. I start to look back and see that the big open space was surrounded by educational facilities which formed this circular space. This was Aldrich Park, an open, natural space at the heart of the university. For about half an hour I walk through the space and see trails and I follow them. They leading to every building and connecting to one another at the center of the park. I then look to see the nature of the area. Big, full, shady trees stand tall to give shade to the trails and benches and many students scurrying off to class, some following the path and others cutting through. I then walk onto a big open field with only full, green grass beneath your feet. I walk on it to the center and look around. The sun is starting to set a little and I look back to the tree filled are where is now shaded completely and the like where the light breaks the shadow. So I start to take pictures but cannot find a good picture to capture the essence of the area. It is than that I see a building in front of the empty section and decided to take a picture from the top. After climbing three stories of stairs I finally get a decent picture. I then measure the diameter of Aldrich Park which was about 1000 feet and took around 5 minutes to walk. I left this area a about 4 pm.


My experience at University of California, Irvine was very good. I  was walking around Aldrich Park for most of the time and I did not even realize it. I would walk around taking pictures of trees and buildings. I took about one hundred and twenty pictures that day. Most were trees and how the shading was being used and of the buildings and their structure and all of its surroundings. As I walk, I realize that I am looking at the same building that i looked at when i first started. i look around and i see that I had walked in a circle. In that circle was a very green and beautiful park. In this park there were big, shady trees, full green grass, a concrete path leading to all the structures that surrounded the park, and people. It was then that i realized that i was at the center, the heart of the school campus. It looked as if all the trails lead that very center. From what i saw that day it seemed like most of the human traffic was walking through this areas almost like if it was an intersection with people coming in through all directions. There was however one big section that looked empty. it was a big open field with no trees or structures or benches  only a flat grass land. This can definitely be used for big events such as graduations. The area as a whole was about one thousand feet in diameter. This measurement was taken by the measurements of my steps. I very much enjoyed this large area because it was a multipurpose space and the whole design of the plants. A place that was balanced between shade and light in the right places. This also made it easier to find classes for every new quarter.


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