The Salk Institute

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Blog Post 4

The Salk Institute in La Jolla houses a vast amount of intelligence. Cures for cancer are being researched. The polio vaccine was created here once upon a time. The large open glass boxes house the scientists busy at work. The test tubes, computers, electric equipment, and strange chemicals are dispersed throughout the laboratories. While walking through the dark, cold, concrete hallways of the Salk Institute the learning environment speaks to you. It flows with the wind and the sense of great ideas surrounds you. After walking down the aisles you reach a point where you are submerged by light and warmth. The openness of the architecture maintains focus on the horizon line with the open ocean below. The structure of the buildings gives you an idea that great planning went into this vast impressive building. The thought process had to be complicated yet portray a simple comfortable area. Moving to the sides you become more encompassed with the great heavy concrete walls. The thoughts running through your mind are that the walls contain so much knowledge, it makes you feel small. The tall vertical concrete walls dip down into light filtered resting areas. This is a place where scientists can take a break from the lab and feel the cool breeze flowing down from the ocean. It makes you think, how many great ideas have been accidentally thought of here, in this very spot? The Salk Institute represents knowledge. It represents hard work, the abilities of the human mind, and beautiful architecture. It’s important that such an influential assembly of people have a comfortable area to work in. The beauty of the ocean brings peace of mind to those it surrounds. Such a great building with that much beauty should go to the deserving, hard-working employees of the Salk Institute.

Blog Post 3

As we pulled into the dirt parking lot, there was some confusion about where to go. Once we met with the other members of the group, we were more confident in our direction. Walking into the vast concrete areas that were the Salk Institute, it was cold. There was an offshore breeze that flowed through the dark concrete hallways outside. The glass walls let us see into the workers offices, and showed us that it indeed employed the science type. When we met at the top of the building, there was instant visual satisfaction. The symmetry of the buildings and the ocean was striking. I did not know much about the Salk Institute before this trip, and I was not disappointed. There were tall vertical concrete walls that created a feeling of space. In the concrete were the different textures that made it intricate. The unfinished surfaces made the building softer, and more personal. The sun stained teak wood on the outside of the doors were evidence of the sun and the ocean. All the materials were meant to be easy. They require little maintenance and still maintain their beautiful qualities. Walking down the center of the platform it felt as if you could jump off the end and take flight. The fountain below had a soothing sound that was offset by the sound of the wind off the cliffs. The colors of the cool blue fountain water matched with the cool grey color of the concrete. They were in unison. We then walked down into one of the open courtyards. This area did not have an intense amount of light, but there was still a prescence of it. It would be a nice place to take a break from work and relax for a minute or two. It felt safe and protected. After this area we walked back around the building, admiring it from all angles.


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