Korean Friendship Bell


For my field trip alternative assignment I headed down to San Pedro where I took a trip seeing various landmarks.  One distinct landmark apart from the ports and Victorian buildings of San Pedro was a monument that stood out on the cliff side. It was 8 in the morning when I stepped out of the car and walked up the pathway leading to the structure housing the bell. The setting was very quiet with the sound of distant waves crashing the earth. There were only a few people walking along the beach and walking theire dogs.  The mood became more sober as I encroached southward towards the main monument.  Well kept plants were aligned along the path showing perfect symmetry with the landscape and the building.  Then all of a sudden I was dazzled by bright colors of decorated rooftops and at the center was a massive immovable metal dome.  At an angle the protruding rafters on the rooftop were colorful, yet intimidating.  This reminds me of a time when I visited the pagoda near Hacienda Hacienda heights.  I remembered looking upward tall red columns with intricate artwork along the ceilings.  There were more stone slabs with foreign symbols written on them.  I really didn’t know whether it is was a list of names commemorating people or writing that shows Korea’s friendship with the United Sates.  All I know was that this was a place to pay homage to. Its tranquil, yet sober theme was splendid due to its site and orientation with coast.



Blog Post #3:


For my figure ground study, I chose to go to San Pedro to observe the Korean Friendship bell.  This particular landmark interests me because of its location and architectural features. At 8 am I headed out to the San Pedro peninsula.   The early sunshine gave just the right amount of light for taking pictures.   As I pulled into Angel Gate Park, I realized that the weather was more cloudy and windy than I expected, which made it more difficult to get a good shot.  Still, I admired the tranquil surrounding around me.  That’s why I was compelled to explore the surroundings as part of my study.

I then began to approach southward to the concrete pavement that led directly to the interior of the monument.  Along the walk I noticed how the shrubs bushes and the pillars are set to be axial to one another.  It immediately made me think of symmetry as a fitting lexicon theme.   I snapped a photo and walked towards the main structure.  I stopped short of the steps at about ten feet away and was dazzled by the sight of warm colors of the pillars and rafters contrasted by the pale sky.  A massive metal bell stood at the center about 8 feet high.  It was amazing to see its intricate casting and I wondered how they managed to attach the piece on top of the ceiling joists.  I took a series of pictures of the interior and exterior of the monument including some of the plaques that lay on the ground.  The back entry led straight to the beach where I managed to capture a panoramic view of the coastal cliff side.  I concluded my visit at about 9 am with a walk along the beach.

Blog Post #4


For my figure ground study, I decided to visit a well-known landmark in San Pedro, the Korean Friendship Bell.  While there are other museums and landmark in San Pedro, I think the open landscape of the site reveals more of the beauty of the coastal peninsula.  Upon entering the port city, I can say that that there is a big difference in the weather.  The cloudy morning skies and chilly breezes made it harder to capture pictures though I took it as an advantage in capturing the Friendship bell in a different light.

The Korean Frienship Bell is actually stationed at Angel Gate Park.  I was taken in at the tranquil, remote setting where sounds of ocean waves and seagulls crying brought back memories of walking by the beachside.  The pathway towards the steps of the monument included bright flowers and neatly sculpted bushes in symmetry of the walk path.  A lexicon word that came to my mind of this theme was symmetry, a feature well applied in Oriental architecture and landscaping.  The pictures I captured included a walkway and a panoramic view of the coast.

The monument was even more magnificent closer up.  The interior was much more ‘showy’ than the exterior of the structure.  While it is located in a pastoral setting, vibrant colors on the painted wood provided a steep contrast with the gray sky.  Visitors, I believe, are supposed to walk around the bell and look at the intricate works of the pillars and ceiling which were adorned with animals and inscriptions. An observation I found was that there are 12 pillars surrounding the structure, each with its unique artwork.  It would make reasonable sense that the concept of this building is attributed to astrology.  In any case, I regretted not being able to read Korean Language but what made the trip worthwhile was to have a taste of Korean architecture while enjoying the serene landscape.


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