Blog #3 UCLA

Blog #3 UCLA

Blog Post #4

I was always impressed by the photos and experiences that I’ve heard about the campus of UCLA, and so when I was given the chance to explore the space with a new eye, I was nothing short of excited to see what I would find.

Architecturally, the buildings of UCLA are very impressive. The school utilizes a lot of stonework and brick in the design of such well known buildings on campus such as Royce Hall and the College Library in Powell. Most of the predominant and older buildings on campus echo not only the red brick and stone, but large stone arches and vaulted ceilings. However, some other buildings such as the athletic and ticketing center focus on a glass and metal build.

The way the buildings are orientated was also a very strong aspect that I found on the campus. It left much of the campus an open space to allow for very easy public access and to emphasize on a very well constructed landscape. It seemed like each building was easy to access and were never to far from each other, it either was or it just seemed like it because the landscape distracts you as you walk.

Another aspect of the campus that I noticed while on my visit was the overall scale of the school. Not necessarily it’s actual size in acres, but rather the size of the items that filled the space. The buildings for the most part were rather large, from oversized entryways to large doors. Not only were the buildings large but so were the courtyards and trees, as my above photo shows. This photo was taken after walking up what many students referred to as the steps, which are a very long set of steps that lead up the hill, and once you arrive to the top it opens up to this yard.

Blog Post #3

For my alternate space to visit I chose to visit UCLA. It was a gorgeous campus and we spent several hours there mesmerized by the campus’ overwhelming beauty. We were able to explore just outside as well as the inside of the campus looking for the right shots and examples to use for our figure ground studies. The day was cold with a slight wind, but didn’t detract from the experience. For the most part the campus was teeming with life and extremely welcoming. We made our way further into the campus and passed various sections of the school, including their athletic departments. My ears were filled with the sounds of tennis, golf, and track practices preparing for their future competitions. Afterwards we found our way in front of UCLA’s iconic Bruin statue, where we were greeted with a gorgeous fountain as well as an intimidating landscape. At this point the campus was still alive and school activities were everywhere as students moved about heading to and from class. We noticed some steps in the distance and decided to talk towards them, and it turned out that there was an extremely long set up stairs that led to what looked like a plateau. We climbed the set of stairs and when we reached the top it, it appeared that the quad just continued, an endless vanishing point. The use of space was great, and it balanced extremely well with the trees planted on either side. The entire quad just drew your eyes to the flag pole in the middle of the grass. Overall I was very impressed with the campus of UCLA, but was most impressed with this particular spot on campus atop the stairs and peering across the quad.


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