Griffith Park

photo 2Blog Post #4

I visited Griffith Park located in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. This park consists of a wide terrace of landscape rich with wildlife, and historical landmarks and buildings. The park’s landscape is immediately the first aspect that I explore, I followed a nature trail off the edge of the park and followed it up the slope of the land. The trails are markers of constant wear by visitors and tourists; the park is not wild therefore it can be considered second nature. Because the park slopes up on hills the views are astonishing, I stood on top of a hill and overlooked the Los Angeles city infrastructure. I continued up the trail and enjoyed the surrounding vegetation, the park is covered in mostly shrubbery and wild flowers but there also many trees spread out across the landscape. After my hike along the trails I took a visit to the Observatory, I observed the building’s architecture and sketched out the building’s domes. I also visited the Greek Ampitheater at the foothills of the park; the building’s architecture resembled that of the original Greek Theater  The contrast between the architecture and the green landscape is very high because it stands out against the wilderness of the park. Another structure that was very interesting was located on the back side of the park, it was an old carousel in the old zoo section. This carousel seemed vintage and the art on the surface was fading off. I liked that the art had not been retouched because it gave it more of a precious value since it is a historic structure as well. The structures on the park’s territory are entirely unique and they all serve different entertainment purposes, however they all make up a type of historic theme that they go perfectly among the park’s wilderness.

Blog Post #3

Griffith Park was one of the locations that I visited; it is located in the east end of the Santa Monica Mountains. This vast piece of second nature land allows people to feel the richness of wilderness in city of Los Angeles by walking through the trees on one of the many trails. When I arrived to the park, I walked outside of the Greek Theatre simply because I wanted to admire the venue’s Greek style architecture and the trimmed landscape contrast that the front of the venue had compared to the nature of the whole park. I felt nature’s energy immediately after taking a few steps into the trail. I walked along a trail that headed towards the “Hollywood” sign. Before I turned back to my car I stood over the mountain and stared towards the city, and I was able to locate my home and other familiar locations but the neatest view of all was the connection that I made between the San Gabriels, the Santa Monicas and the Ocean. Then I walked back to where I parked my car and decided to explore the back side of Griffith Park where the Old Zoo is. As I drove to the back part of Griffith Park, I discovered the old merry-go-round that I had never seen. The merry-go-round was closed but I was able to enjoy a sense of eeriness from the merry-go-round since the apparatus is very old and antique looking. My experience at the Griffith Park reminded me why I love Los Angeles so much.


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