Blog 3 and 4


I visited the Border Field State Park during the San Diego road trip. We went for a one mile hiking in the park. The park is known for its border with Mexico. The border itself is an interesting landmark.

The hiking started with a mud route. Some of the mud in the park was highly contaminated. Therefore we had to be careful when walking. The one mile journey felt longer when I had to watch every step that I took.

When walking toward the beach, I saw the other side of the border. It is interesting to see cars and buildings in front of you while being in a different country and culture.

The beach was beautiful. However, it was not our destination. Therefore we continued walking south toward the border. There were a lot of trash and bad birds on the beach. I could sense that the beach is not really a joyful place for vacations.

The fence of the border appeared while we walked on the beach. I started to feel intense when I saw the fence, which continued from the land to the ocean. Moreover, the fence extends out to the ocean by miles under the water. The place creates a separation between the United States and Mexico. It is not often that we can see landscape being separated this way. The landscape was downhill towards the ocean, which was shaped clearly due to the fence. The Border Field State Park showed me how landscape is being manipulated by human. Human is now in charge over nature. The environment is constantly changing by human in order to fulfill our needs. Unfortunately, I think the changes are not for the best in most cases.

During the visit, I explored a park with actual danger. In addition, I witnessed a separation between culture and people. The experience is valuable for me to understand the world that I was not familiar with.

The visit to the Border Field State Park took place during our San Diego field trip. The whole visit spent more than four hours. It is a trip that improves our interactions with nature and helped us to understand landscape.

Our visit started in the morning. The park is hidden in the mountain so that we had to drive through narrow mud roads. An introduction of the park of was given by the docents. The introduction turned out to be important because of the highly contaminated mud that we had to watch for in the park.

After the introduction, we started our hiking in the park. Although the view in the park was not beautiful in the beginning of the hike, I felt like I was in an adventure of the nature. The route was narrow and rough. We walked for 30 minutes and discovered the beach. The transition from muddy routes to a beautiful beach made me felt that the hiking was meaningful.

The hiking continued on the beach. Change of environment made the hiking more comfortable. We were being able to appreciate the view of the ocean while walking toward our destination, which was the border of Mexico. The border did not take long for us to reach. The landscape at the border has mutable levels. I was lucky to stand close to the fence until the border portal informed us that we had to keep distance from the fence. Our group stayed at the fence and appreciated the view.

The time was close to noon, and we started to go back from the border. The walking felt harder on the way back since I was weakened from the walking before. The fence’s image was still in my mind on the way back. It is shocking for me that the fence extended so long and completely changed the landscape.

The visit of the park was focused on the fence of the border. The fence is a separation of landscape that is hard to find in other places.


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