Blog#4: Experience at Griffith Park

SAM_0451 When I arrived at Griffith Park, it felt as if I had ventured into an unfamiliar yet calming space. While following the road, it seemed as if each separated “island” was the same and yet carried slightly different characters, and as a whole they represented a natural yet modern feel, wild yet organized. It was a park and yet it also contained the wild and rough, yet elegant features of nature. It was a park as it contained the modern elements and structures that separated contained from free. There were structures that helped with the distribution and drainage of water an d to prevent flooding; unlike how in nature, the excess water would be absorbed by the roots of plants and trees, and so flooding would not be a problem. Light posts, wires and electricity lines, benches, barbecue grills, fences, trails, designated areas for different types of sports, and architectural features provided recreation and further added to the modern look of the park. However, the allowance for some of the trees and plant to grow naturally had hidden and naturalized some aspects of that modernism, making them seem rustic; allowing the objects to blend in to their surroundings and feel more natural. Though with a slight turn of the head, the scene changes into that of hills filled with wild free-flowing clusters of trees and plants where animals, such as the stork, would feel safe and free to take time to ponder and investigate the area. Allowing little birds and even a canary to explore the branches of the trees, isolated from the danger of visitors, creating places for them to rest and hide. Griffith Park was an experience where nature collided with the invasion and recreation of humans, and yet was still able to retain its natural wild elegance, transforming the modern plans and forms into that of its own, a modern rustic yet wild free-flowing interpretation of nature.


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