Los Angeles County Museum of Art


Blog Post #4

                      Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art is one of the most famous landmark in the county of Los Angeles. A place where artist and visionaries displays their work of art, in the year of 2008 LACMA adopted the installation of lamp posts of Chris Burden and named as the Urban Light. Its location is at the front of the Museum end of the Ogden Drive. Consists of a couple hundred of lamp post with the vintage appearance and feel, it brings back on the streets of Los Angeles in the early 1900s. The exhibit is placed on a extruded rectangular concrete plane, which will take one step to interact with the installation. The lamp posts are formed in a grid pattern, increases the heights as it meets in the middles, and the bottom of each post has also has different designs. The exhibits a great example for defining a symmetry and asymmetry. Rhythmic is also one of the theme of the installation the way each post is static to one another. Symmetry can also show balance. If the plane is lifted in the air with one beam in the middle, it can settle and never tilt. The display of lamp post reminds the people despite their differences can form unity and coherence making each one valuable to one another.


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