Case Study Analysis: Revelatory Landscapes



Athena Tacha, 1986

The geometric flat forms create contour like tiers that add contrast to the flatness of the space while merging with the ground.

Book: Designed Landscape

Image source:



Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk,  2009

The dynamic movement through space between the trees is revealed while moving toward the breathtaking tree-framed viewpoint that overlooks the lake.

Book: Contemporary Landscape Architecture

Image source:



Gullart Architects, 2006

The hexagons form island like surfaces close to the rocks and sea which display the easily fractured rock that is beautifully eroded by the constantly moving sea.

Book:  Contemporary Landscape Architecture
1 comment
  1. 5 – good but “add contrast” could be replaced with “reveals” or “highlights” to emphasize the flatness that had existed.
    5 – good
    5 – good

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