Revelatory Landscapes


Parenthèse by Justin Dube-Fahmy & Huber Pelletier, 2006
Source: Urban Landscape Architecture, Loft Publications

The structure is constructed to reflect its surroundings by mirroring the broken crosswalk pattern as well as the urban architecture found around the site, which would commonly be images that go unnoticed by passers by.


Xurret System and Prep by Abalos & Herreros in collaboration with Escofet, 2004
Source: Urban Landscape Architecture, Loft Publications

Unlike a typical bench that focuses the user’s attention towards a specific view, usually in front of him or her, this particular bench does not have a designated focal point allowing for a more personal interaction with the space.


Punta Pite, 2005 by Destudio del Paisaje Teresa Moller & Asociados, 2005
Source: Photo taken by Chloe Brown, <;

This path was constructed as a way for the users to become more connected with the surroundings and develop an appreciation for a landscape that otherwise would not have been accessible.

  1. Eli said:

    Ha! I swear I almost picked the exact same three examples! Your analyses make sense to me too. I didn’t even consider access in the Punta Pite example. Once you mention it though, it seems so obvious, and actually central to the whole project.

  2. figio said:

    Your last location seems to be inspired by a previous post. What else can you say about the site that hasn’t been written?

  3. 5 – good
    3 – your observations are valid but you need to talk about the space itself; does the winding bench form make the non-directionality or openness of the space more apparent?
    5 – ok but needs reworking – the stairs make us notice the otherwise inaccessible terrain.

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