Revelatory Landscapes

Tower Hill Square – London
Book : Urban Landscape Architecture; Image Source:
By: Stanton Williams, 2004
This site was changed to bring out the pre-existing landscape and architecture to connect the visitors/viewers to the surroundings.

Grammont Park – France
Book: Urban Landscape Architecture
By: Agence Concepto, Agence Jacqueline Osty
The lighting for the park highlights the landmarks and the different spaces that are found throughout the park.

Plastic Garden – Massachusetts
P1050051 - Copy
ook: Designed Landscape Forum 1
By: Dean Cardasis and Associates
This site accentuates both the synthetic (the house and the materials used) and the natural (the forest) qualities of the landscape it occupies.

1 comment
  1. 3 – how was the site changed and what was the pre-existing condition that affected how the site was changed?
    5 – good because you are specific about what (the lights) is doing what (highlighting).
    5 – good except aren’t the colored panels, not the site, doing the accentuating?

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