Revelatory Landscapes


Richard Neutra’s Haus Rentsch in Wengen 1964

Picture Source:

Book: Visionary Gardens – Modern Landscapes by Ernst Cramer

The reflecting pool and sudden drop off of the house allows a person to be engulfed by nature and emphasizes its vastness, while at the same time being in a comfortable setting.


Ulm Science City on Eselsberg University Section West by Peter Latz 1988

Book and Picture: Syntax of Space: The Landscape Architecture of Peter Latz and Partners

The two sides of the walkway contrast with each other separating the landscape from the university buildings and allows the pedestrians to feel like they are on the brink between two worlds, natural and manmade.


Ron Herman’s Grid and Dimension in San Francisco, California

Book and Picture: Urban Landscape Architecture by Bridget Vranckx

The different colors and textures accentuate each other.  The darkness of the sides emphasizes the lighter material on top causing it to pop.

1 comment
  1. 5 – good, your statement reflects an understanding of the impact architecture can have on landscape.
    5 – good observation
    3 – comparing materials within the project is not that helpful for this exercise; the modular landscape blocks if anything accentuate the artifice of nature (in the words of Betsky).

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