Revelatory Landscapes


Technique of how a high-rise building can change the landscape of Manhattan but at the same time the building is revealed.

Source: Steenbergen, C.M., Weide, A.B. van der, Homan, A.H.: ‘High Rishe Belvedere: transformatic van der Villa Urbana’, in: Kooji, E. van der: Buiten Plaats. Ontspanningsveld. Delf 2000 (Page 52). Drawing: A. van der Weide


This deck was the solution for a polluted soil that had to be removed. Instead of removing the contaminated ground the designer, Thomas Christoffersen, layered a deck on top.

Source: Thomas Christoffersen, 2004. Copenhagen Denmark.


This project was created to bring people closer to the landscape by the natural thermal showers and the geometric architecture highlights the forest.

Source: German Del Sol, 2003. Pucon, Chile.

1 comment
  1. 3 – reveal statement seems to be tacked on and doesn’t connect with first part
    3 – you’re missing the key to this which is the form of the deck; it’s undulating form helps to remind us of the ground that is not accessible due to being contaminated; a past condition is being revealed
    3 – same comment as first project

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