Landschaftspar Disburg- Nord ,Germany

Landschaftspark Modified

Latz & Partners 1992-2002

Creating a park using this old industrial site exposes the history behind it and gives visitors a unique experience.

Sohlbergplassen View Point ,Stor- Elvdal,Norway

Sohlbergplassen Modified

Carl-Viggo Holmebakk 2006

The lake’s curved edge and tree-lined shore are emphasized by their continuation ( in form), through the design.

Shop Creek Stream, Denver Colorado

Shop Creek Stream Modified



Wenk Associates 1995

The design of this stream has restored  the habitat around it and revitalized its natural ecology.

1 comment
  1. 3 – be more specific about the “unique experience” – is it the understanding of a how a German steel factory operates?
    5 – good observation about surrounding landscape elements that this project makes reference to
    3 – statement may be true but it is too general and applies to a lot of stream restoration projects; what makes this project different from others? does this sequence of structures reveal something?

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