Case Study Analysis

flame towers

Flame Towers

1964, AG Roche

Visionary Gardens: Modern Landscapes by Ernst Cramer

The 15 meter high sculpture among the garden of plane trees almost blends in with the context despite of its stature; the sculpture manages to highlight the nature of the trees.


Green House

1969, Javier Senosiain Aguilar

Landscape by Sarah Vance

The lifting of the hillside land to form an entrance for a manifested integrated space creates a wilderness like disposition so that the spaces look like burrows.

waterworksWaterWorks Gardens

1996, Jones & Jones Landscape Architects

Landscape by Sarah Vance

WaterWorks gardens is an exemplary design for habitat restoration;the vast land lies in between infrastructure and is sustained by natural water filtering, creating a wetland with several gardens and a weaving trail throughout the public space.

  1. King Cobra said:

    your syntax is a bit mangled here. regardless, you’re still echoing if not mouthing the blurbage that’s already associated (been written) about these projects. what do you think these projects say(reveal) about their urban context? to they tell us anything about the urban infrastructure/habitat interface? inquiring minds would want to know.

    • Are they all lacking revelatory syntax, or are there any in particular? I feel that my Waterworks description is the weakest.

  2. An example of what James is talking about is “manifested integrated space creates a wilderness like disposition” – what does this mean? It sound like it might be extracted somewhere from your readings and then perhaps remixed resulting in very awkward wording/syntax. Regarding the revelatory statement see below.
    5 – this is your strongest because you clearly state what the sculpture reveals about the trees
    3 – critique above is what throws this one off
    3 – revelatory statement missing here

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