Revelatory Landscapes

Finsbury Avenue Square

IMG_0471The beautiful light pattern design has brought the entire area to a new level with the spectacular light color changes which is a great experience for the public.

  • Maurice Brill, Urban Landscape. 2004.


Light Passageway by Anna Valentina Murch

Light PassagewayThere is a strong relationship between time and the landscape; People in the train will have different experiences during the ride since everything changes in the landscape as time goes by.

  • Designed Landscape Forum, Spacemaker Press. 1993.


The Craigieburn Bypass

The Craiggieburn Bypass

The light rhythm next to the highway follows the drivers, creating both a different and new visual experience for them with its exceptional appearance.

  • Taylor Cullithy Lethlean in collaboration with Robert Owen, Urban Landscape Architecture. 2005.
1 comment
  1. 3 – be more specific, instead of “beautiful light pattern” (general) you might say “illuminated grid” (specific); instead of “brought area to a new level” (general) you might say “emphasized the orthogonal geometry of the space”. If your statement can easily be applied to other spaces you know then it is probably too general.
    3 – just rewording you statement would help: this project reveals the changing nature and perception of landscape as one views it from the perspective of a passenger inside a train
    5 – good but find something to replace “interesting for the people”.

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