revelatory landscape


Geometric Hot Springs, 2005

by German del sol

Geometric paths and huts reveal different views of the natural forest environment that is surrounding the space.



The Red Ribbon, Tanghe River Park,2006

by Turenscape

The bold and solid line provides a well-defined path and multiple views of a forest like park.



“Ashar Macha”  (Platform of Hope), 2010

by Khondaker Hasibul Kabir

A platform full of green vegetation emitting an environment of natural peace and beauty, temporarily takes you away from the slum to a space full of life and tranquility.


1 comment
  1. 5 – ok
    3 – solid line may provide a path but it does not ‘provide’ views. It may provide new ways of viewing the park but the question is actually: what does red ribbon reveal about the park? Perhaps its solidness makes the changing nature around it more visible.
    3 – peace, beauty, life and tranquility are fine virtues but are not actions on the landscape; use words that suggest DOING something to the landscape.

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