Revelatory Landscape Analysis

Peter Latz and Partners_ed

Image Source:  Syntax of Landscape, Udo Weilacher

Designer, Year Built:  Peter Latz and Partners, 1991

This project illuminates the history of the park’s location through the designer’s use of existing levels of information on-site, connecting present-day visitors with the past.

N55 City Farming Plant Modules_ed

Image Source:  (Re)Designing Nature, by Florian Matzner, Susanne Witzgall and Iris Meder

Designer, Year Built:  N55 (danish art group), 2003

Life and food are conspicuously inserted into an otherwise unfriendly place, emphasizing how plant-poor cities are – pedestrians are encouraged to participate and reflect by watering and harvesting at will.

Punta Pite, Estudio del Paisaje Teresa Moller & Asociados

Image Source:  Platforma Arquitectura, Chloe Brown

Designer, Year Built:  Estudio Del Paisaje Teresa Moller y Asociados, 2005

In form and material, these stairs simultaneously fit in with, and are in stark contrast to their setting; one cannot help but consider the landscape with a new, keener eye.

  1. 5 – good, because you’re acknowledging the uncovering of an underlying history
    5 – good, because you’re acknowledging an urban condition
    3 – you’re focus is on the stairs but not what it DOES to the landscape; making people looking at it differently is too general, what is it about this place that these stairs would make them consider?

  2. Eli said:

    Fair comment (referring to the 3 score). I noticed that Chris Anderson and I both chose to look at same these stairs – he correctly pointed out that accessibility is key in this piece. The stairs allow people to experience the landscape in a completely new, more formal mode; neatly descending the stairs as opposed to clambering over the rocks.

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