Revelatory Landscapes

deer moat


Contemporary LA 2008 publisher Ralf Daab

Image from

The contrast between dark and light shows depth and mystery and once
you pass through a whole new world will be revealed on the other side.

xurret system


Xurret System, Barcelona Abalos and Herreros ( Urban Landscape Architecture 2006 by Loft Publicaions)

Image from

Its maleable look gives off the sense of comfort and triggers the
desire to use this object to get that feeling of comfortability.

poets garden

Poets Garden ( Visionary Gardens Modern Landscapes by Ernst Cramer)

image from

The triangular mounds next to a defined edge marked with the pool
showcase a radical change from low to high ground mimicking nature
in its own way.

1 comment
  1. 3 – what is revealed should be something about that place. A reversal of your statement would help: moving from outside to inside reveals the contrast between dark and light evoking depth and mystery.
    3 – you’re focusing on the object instead of what it’s doing to the site.
    5 – this is better because you’re now saying something about the landscape; “mimicking nature in its own way” – unclear what that means.

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