Revelatory Landscapes

Mirror Trail

Smithson, Robert. Mapping Dislocations. 2001. James Cohan Gallery.

Robert Smithson, 1969.

Ithaca Mirror Trail, located in Ithaca, new York reveals different views of the landscape with the simple usage of a mirror placed in an ideal location.

Steenbergen, C.M. & Reh, W.: Werkbrook Architecture en Landschap. Delft. 1999. Drawing: E. Van der Kooij.


Adalberto Libera, 1942.

Casa Malaparte located on Punta Masullo on the Isle of Capri, Italy, softens its rough environment through its sleek, modern design.

Querkraft Architects, 2001.

TWI forecourt located in front of the Vienna Italy Twin Tower office centers, is a public space which suits the individuals desire to rest in a modernized fashion.

1 comment
  1. 3 – what is revealed is much more dramatic than just “different views of the landscape”; the mirror reveals the landscape that you just passed, it’s like watching a very recent history
    5 – not sure if softens is the right word but good observation
    3 – nothing is said about the existing landscape of this place

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