Revelatory Landscapes



Webb Bridge
Melbourne, Australia
Denton Corker Marshall Architects, 2001


This open bridge reveals the landscape of surrounding views and activities along the river with a unified sculptural form.



Water Culture Square, Turenscape

Dujiang Yan City, Sichuan Province, China 2002

This bamboo basket of the square reveals the regional landscape that represents local tradition, the spirit of the place, local heritage, and the city’s lifestyle.




Xurret system & Pep

Iñaki Abalos / Juan Herreros, 2003


X, U, RR, E and T, these five elements reveal to wrap digital and natural in a new digital craftsmanship and a new network of interests that constructs the architecture and the landscape.

1 comment
  1. 3 – ok but you make it sound like the unified structural form had something to do with the views being revealed; how does the unified structural form affect the landscape?
    5 – good
    3 – hard to follow this sentence; it sounds like you’re remixing words you’ve read and adding the word ‘reveal’ but resulting statement does not make sense.

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