Revelatory Landscapes


This project contains fifty 12×48 mirrors back to back that are about 28 feet long within the beach landscape held by the surrounding environment such as the sand and seashells.
Mirrors and Shelly Sand, 1970. Robert Smithson


The project Piedra Tosca Park located in Les Preses, Spain used corten steel supported by volcanic stone from the surrounding landscape creating a path within the volcanic stone that was already present in the area. Piedra Tosca Park. Les Preses, Spain. 2004. Photo Credits Eugeni Pons


Using hot-galvanised steel, asphalt sprinkled with steel powder, and concrete, transformed the free areas of an old iron and steel factory complex into public spaces using the existing materials from the factory. Sulzer Areal, Winterthur, Switzerland. 2004. Photo Credit Ralph Feiner

  1. King Cobra said:

    but what is revealed??? this isn’t so much to find out what physically comprises these projects but to understand the designer’s intent. start by asking “why would this person do this?” end by asking “how am i different after ‘seeing’ this?”
    what’s revealed is somewhere in between.

  2. 3 – rather than describing the project; ask yourself what it is doing in relation to the landscape; it uses reflection to amplify/reveal/extend an existing pattern.
    5 – ok, revealing materiality of local area
    5 – same as above

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