Revelatory Landscapes (side note): Rem Koolhaas Quote

Just an interesting excerpt I read while doing research for the blog.  From the Essay “The Challenge of Landscape Urbanism”

If there is to be a ‘new urbanism’, it will not be based on the twin fantasies of order and omnipotence; it will be the staging of uncertainty; it will no longer be concerned with the arrangement of more or less permanent objects, but with the irrigation of territories with potential; it will no longer aim for stable configurations, but for the creation of enabling fields that accommodate processes that refuse to be crystallized into definitive form; it will no longer be about meticulous definition, the imposition of limits, but about expanding notions, denying boundaries, not about separation and identifying entities, but about discovering unnamable hybrids; it will no longer be obsessed with city, but with the manipulation of infrastructure for endless intensification and diversifications of psychological space.

– Rem Koolhass, from S, M, L, XL (1995)

A little preachy (although I guess you get to preach if you’re Koolhass), but still a really interesting point and challenge within the profession.  What do you think?

  1. Mijo said:

    Is this part of the assignment. Dont make us do more work then we have to.

  2. Mijo said:

    Also having a hard time connecting it to the rest of your posts.

    • Eli said:

      Hi Mijo. I’m sorry I don’t know who this is actually. But I’ve clarified the title and the content of my post so it is clear that I’m just posting something I personally find interesting, and wanted to share with the class. I really have no desire (or ability either), to make you do more work. So hopefully that clears things up 🙂

      • When a student steps up and offers more than what was required by the assignment – in a way that is thoughtful and relevant to our class discussions – it is an initiative to be applauded and encouraged. As students you should be continually pushing yourselves to go beyond the minimum requirements – not for the sake of getting better grades but to challenge yourselves and others in the class to elevate the overall intellectual level of the conversation. If you are not ready for this extra effort that’s fine, and no one is obligated, but see this as something you should be striving for as a students, as a future designers. Thanks Eli for stirring up this discussion. It’s important.
        – Rennie

  3. King Cobra said:

    well put, rennie.
    more to the point. nobody gives a **** about your GPA. people that matter are interested in your socio-cultural references, how well you can speak to an issue, your ability to engage challenging and provocative ideas. this is what you should concern yourselves with – your development as a complete person, an intellectual entity who can affect change for the better. this is what makes life interesting and worthwhile – not pathetic arithmetically derived averages.

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