Hypothetical Continent In Shells


Image Source: http://farticulate.wordpress.com/2011/01/27/27-january-2011-post-robert-smithson-selected-works-interview/

Designer, Year Built: Robert Smithson, 1969

The use of the natural elements such as the sea shells makes the installment look like a part of nature.

Ithaca Mirror Trail


Image Source: http://openfileblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/robert-smithson-ithaca-mirror-trail.html

Designer, Year Built: Robert Smithson, 1969

The use of the mirror makes a feeling that there is a window looking into the landscape that is really just part of the scenery be hide the person looking into the mirror.

Plateau de Kirchberg, Luxembourg / Boulevard John F. Kennedy


Image Source: Contemporary Landscape Architecture

Project Team, Year Built: Latz + Partner – Lux Consult, TR Engineering, ARCOOP, 2008

The use of the roundabout and the widening of the Highway helps to slowdown traffic to inter the newly developing city.

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  1. 3 – you probably mean “installation”, not “installment” (what you do when you pay off your loan in parts); not sure how a grouping of shells would look like “part of nature”; they already are. Wouldn’t a controlled arrangement of shells “highlight nature”, the pile is like an inventory of what is on the beach.
    3 – sentence structure and spelling is so poor it’s hard to read.
    3 – rather than say what roundabouts do, which is common knowledge, why not comment on what it does to this specific place, like it imposes a new geometry or creates a new focal point.

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