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Mapping Dislocations

Robert Smithson, Ithaca Mirror Trail, Ithaca, New York, 1969

The located mirror can reflects the natural view, and allows people to have an enhanced feeling of revealing the landscape.

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Redesigning Nature

Oliver Bishop-Young, Skip Conversions, 2008

The green island in the middle of the city walkway provides a rural resting place for pedestrians, but the planter and stairs blend in with the urban environment.

IMG_6663 c


Redesigning Nature

N55, City  Farming Plant Modules/ museum version, 2010

The flat-shaped planters became a part of the walkway and gradually transfer the attention from the ground paving to the greenish.




1 comment
  1. 3 – an appropriate sentence would be: The reflection of the clear blue sky in the mirror contrasts with the snowy white texture of the ground (Irwin uses contrast and reflection to emphasize what is there). This part of your statement “enhanced feeling of revealing the landscape” does not make sense – using the right words is one thing but using them appropriately is another.
    5 – this is better because you reference the existing environment
    3 – greenish what? do these planters reinforce the lack of vegetation on the sidewalk perhaps?

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