Castle Park



Urban Landscape Architecture: 2006

Tokotek 1: 2004

The wooden footbridge is inviting the guest to travel and experience the landscape.

  1. King Cobra said:

    did they accept the invitation? i.e. do you think the design is successful?

  2. chadso said:

    Yes I believe this design is successful. The flat raised wooden footbridge provides a clear path on which to walk on. The path also brings a sense of comfort and permission versus walking through the forest scene with no direction and on uneven grass. The use of the wood on the walkway reveals and contrasts the live trees and branches. and contrasts in color and texture the plants at ground level. The effect may be different in a different time of the year.

  3. 5 – your response to Cobra’s question got you full points; your original statement was more about the user and not about how the design reveals the landscape. -rennie

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