Near Aconcagua

This mountain is located near the mountain of Aconcagua. The beauty of time reveals a snow covered mountain giving it a unique characteristic but when it isn’t covered in snow, it looks like any ordinary mountain with stacks of rocks.

20130419_103429This captured my attention since it deals with an abandoned railway of an elevated train and converted into a sundeck for people to gather around and chill. This pedestrian park was fought for and it gave the people an environment where a lot of ecology and sustainability takes place in order to have this project up and running.20130419_103920This small garden in a pedestrian zone acts like an actual garden. Benches are placed next to a building with plastic planter tubs that allowed the area to be a place of meeting, hanging out and showplace. It gives an experience of being in a garden without ever leaving the environment of a

1 comment
  1. All your posts are missing the image source, designer and year built.
    3 – be more specific, describe the unique characteristic
    3 – your one sentence does not need to summarize the entire project, as this results in over generalized statements such as “a lot of ecology and sustainability takes place”; focus on one thing and explain clearly what it is revealing. For example, “the striated bands of vegetation recall the historic train line that once occupied that space”
    3 – comment above applies

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