Relavatory Landscapes

Villas (Rome)


Composing Landscapes By: Chr. Hochstenbach van der Heiden/ B. van den Heuvel (1650)

This drawing reveals the density but yet separation of the villas in Rome and how they are proportioned within this land.

The Gohner garden (Morcote)


Visionary Gardens: Modern Landscapes

By: Ernst Cramer, 1940’s

This high quality designed landscape reveals very strong construction techniques and great herbaceous plant coverage on a difficult slope.

Analysis of Landscape Fragments and Urban Patterns in an American Metropolis (New York)


Composing Landscapes

By: C. Wouters, M.T. Pouderoijen (2005)

New York’s urban pattern is a very dense grid and there is very minimal space utilized for parks or open spaces.

  1. 5 – good
    3 – rather than focus on landscape “quality” which is subjective, look at the site itself and what the design DOES to it. Rewording your statement can change it’s meaning completely: “Construction techniques and climbing herbaceous plants reveal the difficult slope”. Landscape design makes topography more apparent by accommodating for human occupation.
    3 – the “minimal space for parks” is a judgement you’re making that is not evident on the map; the title of this work suggests that the mapping is about the fragmented nature of open space in NYC and how those fragments are defined by the street grid surrounding them.

  2. King Cobra said:

    what in god’s name is a “high quality designed landscape” ? or “great herbaceous plant coverage” for that matter?
    understanding the revelatory qualities of a landscape is not the same thing as passing aesthetic judgement. at all.
    you’re more perceptive of that revelatory quality than you think billy. don’t mistake opinion for honest exploration.

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