Revelatory Landscapes

Town Hall Square
TownHallSquareImage Source:
anet Rosenberg & Associates Landscape Architects, 2005

The town hall square is designed to accommodate the surrounding buildings, creating a vibrant green environment, without overwhelming the space.

Water Culture Square
Image Source:
Turenscape, 2002

The unique design takes influence of the existing cultural and natural landscapes as well as introducing new irrigation techniques, which divide water using bamboo and stones.

City Park Beja
City Park Beja 3Image Source:
Santa Rita Arquitectos, 2004

The park not only marks the entrance to the city but is designed to take advantage of the landscape by providing multiple access points and viewing angles.




  1. 3 – what do you mean by “accommodating” surrounding buildings? this is very vague
    3 – what are the existing cultural and natural landscapes? is it the architectural forms? is it the mountains? unless you make this clear then there is no context against which to understand new irrigation techniques, bamboo and stones.
    5 – “marking” is a good way to call out an existing condition

  2. King Cobra said:

    this is the type of writing i expect to read on the back of a post card.
    try and “dig deeper” to understand what it is that you’re seeing and writing about.
    these are highly provocative, deeply intellectual design works.
    surely something was ‘revealed’ to you.

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