Revelatory Landscapes

Traversing Reverse Rivers


Mara Adamitz Scrupe, 1995

This trail created from plastic water bags form a path along the abandoned road, illuminating the area at night by utilizing solar panels

Mur Island


Vito Acconci, 2003

This small stadium sits in the center of the river, connecting people on either side by having an area where they can meet, eat, and entertain themselves

South Cove Park


Child Associates

The gates that extend towards and into the bay guides individuals in a certain direction while also providing a sense of progress

  1. 5 – good but a more concise statement would have been: “the trail of solar powered plastic water bags illuminated the abandoned road”
    5 – good but be more concise
    3 – not sure what “sense of progress” means; if you read the project description closely you will learn that this project is South Cove, Battery Park designed by artist Mary Miss.

  2. King Cobra said:

    you’re not a detective asking for “just the facts ma’am”.
    try and understand what it is you feel when you see these projects. write about that.
    you don’t have to “understand” them; just understand what they communicate to you.

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