Revelatory Landscapes

Urban Lounge


Urban Lounge, by Carlos Martinez and Pipilotti Rist, 2005

Source: Urban Landscape Architecture, Loft Publications

This landscape takes an otherwise normal space and renvisions it. The designers layered what looks like a red blanket over a normal court yard to reveal the various new open spaces for personal engagement.

Court Press Courtyard


Court Press Courtyard, Landworks Studio, 2003

Source: Urban Landscape, John Lotz and Associates

The designer used conflicting elements to contrast to the viewer’s eyes, such as light and dark, and rough and smooth textures. The fragmented design of the pathway prevents the user from visually being able to see where the end of the path is, making every turn a new reveal.

Vinaros Microcoast

Vinaros Microcoasts, Guallart Architects, 2006

Source: Urban Landscape, John Lotz and Associates

This beach was previously not used as a lounging beach, but was only done so once the “mini-islands” were added, made out of wood. These structures were made to echo the look and feel of islands in the middle of the sea. According to the designers, it was created to reveal the feeling of an immense sea compared to a relatively smaller coast.

1 comment
  1. 3 – “revealing open spaces for personal engagement” is too general; why not specifically say that the red blanket “reveals the soft contours of the outdoor furniture”
    3 – “to contrast to the viewer’s eyes” is awkward and should be simply “to create contrast” – but this sentence is not even needed; edit down to one sentence: the linear nature of the landscape contrasts with the fragmented design of the pathway.
    5 – again too wordy but the idea is there; you could simply say: the structures echoed the look and feel of islands in the middle of the sea making its immensity much more apparent.

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