Revelatory Landscapes


Urban Landscape, Xurret System & Pep,

Designer/Year: Abalos & Herreros 2004

Benches are hard scape art that resembles organic shapes of nature.



Nou Barris Park

Designer/Year: Arriola & Fiol Arquitectes, 1992

It’s land art that amplifies abstraction.



Pause, giant deck chairs.

designer/Year: Nip Paysage, 2004

Art larger than life and when the kid went to land of giants.

  1. King Cobra said:

    your syntax is very hard to understand. try being more descriptive and less reliant on phrases that tell us very little.

  2. 3 – the question is: how do the benches reveal something about the site? do they resemble something specific on the site rather just nature in general?
    3- what is “it”? What do you mean by “amplifying abstraction”?
    3- not a full sentence

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