Revelatory Landscapes

Medtronic Corporation Patent Garden1

Image Source:

Designer: OSLAND.AND.ASSOC, 2001

Location: Fridley, Minneapolis, USA

This landscape reveals the idea of manipulated nature, as a natural source is surrounded by man-made materials and incorporated in a way as if it was the only source of calm in the built world.


Diwang Park B


Image Source:

Designer: URBANUS, 2005

Location: Shenzhen, China

The park design is similar to the highways and roads to the left of it, as they both display winding lanes; it is almost as if they were alternatives to each other, the park/pedestrian lanes being the colorful alternative to the drab and  strict roadways to the side.


Garden Perspectives without Vanishing Points


Image Source: Urban Landscapes

Designer: Ruey Y. Chen, ?

Location: Santa Ana, California

The exposed patch of topography amidst the hard concrete is reminiscent of a free-flowing meadow amongst the hustle and bustle of our urban society; displaying a bit of wild nature within the order and dreariness of our strict circumstances to modernism.

1 comment
  1. 5 – good but the statement would have been stronger if words were reordered: wrapping a piece of turf with corrugated steel into a circular geometry makes apparent that this is a highly manipulated landscape.
    5 – same comment as above about reordering your words
    3 – this could be shorter and more concise; for example the appearance of the exposed patch as wild, free-flowing and disordered highlights the “order and dreariness” of the existing modernist landscape.

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