Revelatory Landscapes

Shop Creek Stream Restoration: Wenk Associates, 1996


Design Landscape Forum

By using soil-cement drop structures to blend with the natural soil, the creek once again reinforces the view of the natural prairie.

Waterworks Garden. Lorna Jordan, Jones and Jones, 2011


Design Landscape Forum

In this site, the designers controlled the natural movement of water of the wetland so people can experience the natural cycles of water

Eibs Pond Park, Linda Pollak Architect, Mary Miss, 2001


Design Landscape Forum

As the path diverges into the lake, the observer experiences the view from a lower point of view, changing the perception of the lake.

  1. King Cobra said:

    rather generic comments. almost like you’re parroting a brochure. avoid terms like “visually blend” and “integrate”. describe clearly and accurately what is happening. thin about how your senses are being stimulate (or not) and write honestly about that.

  2. (late)
    1 – why would the view be reinforced just because the drop structures blend with the natural soil?
    1 – you need a stronger word than “used”, like “controlled”?
    1 – this project is not by Linda Pollark (that’s Pollak, and maybe she was writing ABOUT it; the artist is Mary Miss).

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