Parc de la Villette – Bernard Tschumi

Parc-de-la-VilletteParis, France. 1984-1987

The park was designed by French architect, Bernard Tschumi, on the site of a large area of  Parisian slaughterhouses and the national wholesale meat market as a part of an urban redevelopment project. Tschumi was chosen through a design competition of over 470 designers. Bernard Tschumi did not approach the project in the traditional sense of a park where landscape and nature are the primary ideas of the designs such as Central Park in New York. Tschumi designed with the sense that the Parc de la Villette would be a place of of culture where natural landscapes and inorganic structures are conjoined into a position of consistent change of its disposition. The President of France had called for a revitalization of the area and to design with the idea of the 21st century. Bernard Tschumi’s design was closest to the idea of the 21st Century, which did not dwell on history as its example, but rather looked into the contemporary issues as well as the future. The park includes museums, concert halls, stages for live performances, theaters, playgrounds for children, and decorative structures. For Tschumi, Parc de la Villette was not meant to be a picturesque park reminiscent of the past; it was more of an open area that was meant to be explored and discovered by those that visited the site.  Tschumi, wanted the park to be a space for activity and interaction that would stimulate a sense of freedom. Bernard Tschumi’s overall idea was to encourage exploration, movement, and interaction.

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  1. King Cobra said:

    so were tschumi’s wants and ideas realized?

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